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February 3, 2017 (links edition #8)

A fascinating wave of papers examining the interrelations between displacement, urban spaces, humanitarian assistance, and social protection.

The Right to the City for Urban Displaced: A Review of the Barriers to Safe and Equal Access to the City for the Displaced Residents of Dar es Salaam, January 2017, International Rescue Committee

Violence in the City: A Systematic Review of the Drivers of Violence against Displaced Populations in Urban Crisis and Post-crisis Settings, January 2017, International Rescue Committee

Cash transfers for refugees: The economic and social effects of a programme in Jordan, Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Martina Ulrichs, Rebecca Holmes and Zina Nimeh, January 2017, Overseas Development Institute

A mapping of social protection and humanitarian assistance programmes in Jordan: What support are refugees eligible for?, Hanna Röth, Zina Nimeh and Jessica Hagen-Zanker, January 2017, Overseas Development Institute Maastricht University Working Paper 501

Cash transfers for refugees: An opportunity to bridge the gap between humanitarian assistance and social protection, Martina Ulrichs, Jessica Hagen-Zanker and Rebecca Holmes, January 2017, Overseas Development Institute


Cash transfers feature in a new article on China’s Dibao, technology-reducing fraud and corruption, and new contributions around the universality theme

Unconditional Cash Transfers in China: Who Benefits from the Rural Minimum Living Standard Guarantee (Dibao) Program?, Jennifer Golan, Terry Sicular and Nithin Umapathi, January 2017, World Development

Technology beats corruption, Rema Hanna, January 2017, Science Volume 355 Issue 6322 pages 244-245

Universal Basic Income: A Conversation With and Within the Mahatma, Economic Survey 2016-17 (Chapter 9), January 2017, Ministry of Finance, Government of India

MPs in Uganda make case for universal social protection programme, Alexandra Barrantes, 26th January 2017, Development Pathways


More on resilience in the context of natural disasters, including an overview and insights from the Philippines and Malawi.

Natural Disaster, Poverty, and Development: An Introduction, Yasuyuki Sawada and Yoshito Takasaki, February 2017, World Development

Do Natural Disasters Affect the Poor Disproportionately? Price Change and Welfare Impact in the Aftermath of Typhoon Milenyo in the Rural Philippines, Yoko Sakai, Jonna P. Estudillo, Nobuhiko Fuwa, Yuki Higuchi, Yasuyuki Sawada, January 2017, World Development

Gender, Weather Shocks and Welfare: Evidence from Malawi, Solomon Asfaw and Giuseppe Maggio, January 2016, Journal of Development Studies


New materials on employment matters, including a reflection on the future of work and an interesting set of lessons and guidelines

The Future of Work in the Developing World: Brookings Blum Roundtable 2016 Post-Conference Report, Laurence Chandy (editor), January 2017, Brookings Institute

Labor Market Institutions and the Future of Work: Good Jobs for All?, Werner Eichhorst, January 2017, IZA Policy Paper No. 122

Promoting Youth Employment in Europe: Evidence-based Policy Lessons, Werner Eichhorst and Ulf Rinne, December 2016, IZA Policy Paper No. 119

Guidance note on options to link social protection to sustainable employment, January 2017, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Government of Australia


A good dose of structural transformation materials, with special emphasis on Africa.

The Changing Structure of Africa’s Economies, Xinshen Diao, Kenneth Harttgen and Margaret McMillan, January 2017, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 7958

New results on structural change during the recent growth boom in developing countries, Dani Rodrik, 23rd January 2017,


Two new papers (and one article) on food security and nutrition, including issues around measurement, agricultural links, and chronic malnutrition.

Agricultural Commercialisation and Food Security in rural Economies: Malawian Experience, Natalia Radchenko and Paul Corral, January 2017, The Journal of Development Studies

Who are the World’s Food Insecure? New Evidence from the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Food Insecurity Experience Scale, Michael D. Smith, Matthew P. Rabbitt, Alisha Coleman-Jensen, January 2017, World Development

Malnutrition Wiping Out Children in Northern Nigeria, Aid Workers Say, Donald G. McNeil Jr., 23rd January 2017, New York Times


Education and human capital writ large, with a WDR background paper and a couple of new blogs

What Do Teachers Know and Do? Does It Matter? Evidence from Primary Schools in Africa, Tessa Bold, Deon Filmer, Gayle Martin, Ezequiel Molina, Christophe Rockmore, Brian Stacy, Jakob Svensson and Waly Wane, January 2017, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 7956 (Background Paper to the 2018 World Development Report)

Can providing information to parents improve student outcomes? 4 recent papers show it can (Chile, Malawi, and US x2), David Evans, 1st February 2017, World Bank Blog

Do Cash Transfers Have Sustained Effects on Human Capital Accumulation?, Berk Ozler, 30th January 2017, World Bank Blog


Inequality and redistribution issues examined through the lenses of institutions and fiscal policy

Fiscal Policy, Income Redistribution and Poverty Reduction in Low and Middle Income Countries, Nora Lustig, January 2017, Center for Global Development Working Paper 448

Linking Economic Complexity, Institutions, and Income Inequality, Dominik Hartmann, Miguel R. Guevara, Cristian Jara-Figueroa, Manuel Aristaran and Cisar A. Hidalgo, January 2017, World Development


A paper costing 390 HH surveys across 78 countries for poverty monitoring purposes (hint: $1 billion)

Costing Household Surveys for Monitoring Progress Toward Ending Extreme Poverty and Boosting Shared Prosperity, Talip Kilic, Umar Serajuddin, Hiroki Uematsu and Nobuo Yoshida, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 7951


Finally, links to a couple of books, namely a blog reviewing Ogden’s volume (shared in past editions) and an event for the forthcoming book on PDIA by the Harvard CID group

Experiments in Development from Every Angle: A Review of Tim Ogden’s new book, David Evans, 23rd January 2017, World Bank Blog

Book Launch: “Building State Capability – Evidence, Analysis, Action” – 13th February 2017, 3pm to 4:30pm, Location: Allison Dining Hall – Taubman 5th Floor, Harvard Kennedy School, Speakers: Matt Andrews and Lant Pritchett


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