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Weekly Social Protection Links Posts

December 2, 2016 (links edition #1)

Working Papers

Poverty Traps and the Social Protection Paradox, Munenobu Ikegami, Michael R. Carter, Christopher B. Barrett and Sarah A. Janzen, October 2016, National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 22714

Can Cash Transfers Help Households Escape an Inter-Generational Poverty Trap?, Caridad M. Araujo, Mariano Bosch and Nobert Schady, September 2016, National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 22670

Cash Transfer Programming in the Pacific: A Feasibility Scoping Study, Christina Hobbs and Rosie Jackson, September 2016, Cash Learning Partnership and Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

How to Target Households in Adaptive Social Protection Systems? Relative Efficiency of Proxy Means Test and Household Economy Analysis in Niger, Pascale Schnitzer, October 2016, Social Protection & Labor Discussion Paper Number 1612, The World Bank

The Politics of Promoting Social Cash Transfers in Uganda, Sam Hickey and Badru Bukenya, November 2016, Effective States and Inclusive Development Working Paper No. 69

Single Registries and Social Registries: Clarifying the Terminology Confusion, Richard Chirchir and Shez Farooq, November 2016, Pathway’s Perspectives Issue No. 23

Immigrants, Productivity and Labor Markets, Giovanni Peri, 2016, Journal of Economic Perspectives Volume 30, Number 4, Pages 3-30

The Big Stuck in State Capability for Policy Implementation, Matt Andrews, Lant Pritchett and Michael Woolcock, January 2016, Center for International Development Working Paper No. 318

Colonial Legacies and Social Welfare Regimes in Africa: An Empirical Exercise, Thandika Mkandawire, May 2016, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development Working Paper 2016-4

Informal monitoring and enforcement mechanisms in public service delivery: Evidence from the public distribution system in India, Sriniketh Nagavarapu and Sheetal Sekhri, July 2016, Journal of Development Economics Volume 121, Pages 63-78

Soft Skills to Pay the Bills: Evidence from Female Garment Workers, Achyuta Adhvaryu, Namrata Kala and Anant Nyshadham, August 2016, Jobs and Development Conference



Did Peru’s CCT Program Halve its Stunting Rate?, Berk Ozler, 17th October 2016, The World Bank

Deep Learning Is Going to Teach Us all the Lessons Of Our Lives: Jobs are for Machines, Scott Santens, 16th March 2016,

Failing in the Field – Karlan and Appel on what we can learn from things going wrong, Book Review by David McKenzie, 10th October 2016, The World Bank

Why India is right to consider a Universal Basic Income, Rasmus, 11th October 2016, Development Pathways

Watch 40 years of the world getting fatter in this animated map, Rachel Hallet, 16th November 2016, World Economic Forum



How Change Happens, Duncan Green, Oxford University Press

From Evidence to Action: The Story of Cash Transfers and Impact Evaluation in Sub-Saharan Africa, B. Davis, S. Handa, N. Hypher, N. W. Rossi, P. Winters and J. Yablonski, 2016, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Experimental Conversations: Perspectives on Randomized Trials in Development Economics, Timothy N. Ogden (editor), January 2017, The MIT Press

Nutrition and Economic Development: Exploring Egypt’s Exceptionalism and the Role of Food Subsidies, Olivier Ecker, Perrihan Al-Riffai, Clemens Breisinger, Rawia El-Batrawy, 2016, International Food Policy Research Institute


Links I liked

The Weird Economics of Ikea, Oliver Roeder, 21st October 2016, Five Thirty Eight

Nairobi’s Colorful but Chaotic Local Bus System is Resisting Being Digitized, Joshua Masinde, 8th November 2016, Quartz Africa

How Spring Rolls Got to Senegal, Nellie Peyton, 7th November 2016, Slate

What Food Stamps And Drunk Driving Stats Have To Do With Each Other, Shankar Vedantam, 30th November 2016, National Public Radio